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Misty Forest











Alcornocales Valleys










The Strait of Gibraltar area is the crossroad between two continents and two seas,  a meeting point of biodiversity and ecology, where very different natural  events takes place.

Here, you can enjoy amazing movements of migratory birds across the strait of Gibraltar, where the mountains touch the sea, the wind models the landscape to make huge dunes that get covered by pine forests and the influence of the sea humidity allows a very special vegetation to survive into the misty valleys.

We want to offer a different way to visit the Strait of Gibraltar, accompanied by our expert guides that will give you a naturalistic view of the area. We will show you the ecosystem, the different trees and plants, the ecological and human reason that influence the landscape, the interactions between the different wildlife. We like to walk to enjoy nature and stop in every detail that you want to discover.

We are biologists, ornithologists, passionate about nature and wildlife of the place where we live. If you are interested in any special animal or plant you want to discover, please ask, we will be happy to show you all our knowledge. The aim of our walks is to learn about nature, no hurry, just be delighted by nature.

Please contact us if you want to make a walking tour with us.