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Cádiz region tours | Ecotonobirding | Tarifa

Cádiz region tours

Cádiz Bay

The big Cadiz Bay is a good place to visit, this huge bay attracts many aquatic birds. Migrants use to stop here to refuel, during their long travels.

Habitats include dunes, salt marshes and atlantic beaches where some 200 species can be found. The migratory seasons is the most spectacular moment at the bay.

Flamingo, Avocet, Audouin and Slended-billed Gull, a big variety of waders, Terns, Ducks and Ospreys are easy to find all along the coast.

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East Doñana and Wetlands

Sanlúcar de Barrameda is located at the rivermouth and on the East side of the Guadalquivir river, on the  other shore of Doñana National Park.

The landscape and ecosystems belongs to Doñana with marshes, Stone-pine woods, dunes, etc. The saltpans, aquiculture lagoons, lakes, marshes and forests offer you the chanes to observe a very good variety of species.

During the breeding season you will see beautiful colonies of Terns and Herons. Glossy Ibis, Cattle Egret, Spoonbill are everywhere for your enjoy. This tour is nice for rare African species breeding in the a Luckily Marbled Teal and White-headed Duck.

Among other species, you could find wintering species like the Common Crane, Black Stork, Marsh and Hen Harrier, etc. and, if you are lucky, the Short-eared Owl.

Bonanza salt marshes are perfect to enjoy different species of waders, gulls and Flamingos close to the observer.

Grazalema Mountains

Declared as a reserve of the Biosphere by the Unesco is a limestone rocky area with several white villages and fortress hanging in an spectacular landscape.

The high amount of rain erodes the rocks and creates impressive cliffs, caves and canyons used by many birds of prey and mountain birds.

The special forest of Spanish fir (Abies pinsapo) is a unique type of ecosystem only present in South Spain and north Africa, remain of more humid times.

Many birds of prey are present in the area as Griffon Vultures, Golden Eagle, Peregrine falcon, Bonelli’s eagle, Egyptian Vulture, etc.

Other interesting mountain birds are also present as the Black Wheatear, Blue Rock Thrush, Rock Bunting, Red-billed Chough, etc.